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The Frankfort Plant Board Innovates Communcations


The small town of Frankfort, KY, first began offering cable television services in 1952. A few ambitious merchants thought it would help boost sales and convinced the local utility, The Frankfort Plant Board (FPB), to help manage the system.

Their spirit of ambition and innovation continues today. In 2000, they became one of the first, and also one of the smallest, communications companies to begin offering voice over internet protocol. They currently offer cable services to more than 17,000 subscribers in Frankfort, Franklin, Shelby, and Woodford, Kentucky.


  • Built in parental controls make it easy for you to control what your kids watch and how much television they are viewing.
  • Watch local sports, government proceedings, cultural performances, discussions of local news, and history on Frankfort Plant Board's Cable channel ten.
  • Video on demand allows you to watch programming from your favorite stations at any time you want with just the click of a button.


Limited cable services can be accessed by simply plugging your television into a cable outlet. All other cable packages will require you to have a receiver box provided by Frankfort Plant Board attached to every television you want to watch cable on. The receiver options are as follows:

  • Standard Definition Receiver: The basic model with limited features offering standard definition broadcasts.
  • HD Receiver: A cable receiver capable of broadcasting high definition channels.
  • HD/DVR Receiver:  A receiver box that offers access to both HD stations and DVR functions.


Digital cable subscribers can get access to special features and programming on top of their basic channel lineup. Options include:

  • Streaming Music: Listen to 50 channels of commercial free, CD-quality music in a wide range of genres.
  • Premium Channels: HBO, Showtime, Cinemax and more play new and classic movies 24 hours a day
  • Pay-Per-View: Watch the hottest films right after they leave the theater from the comfort of your own home.
  • Watch-TV-Everywhere: Access your entire channel lineup and anything stored on your DVR from a computer, tablet, or smart phone anywhere you have an internet connection.


Frankfort Plant Board offers a number of different cable plans to meet the needs of all subscribers:

  • Limited: $16.00 per month and includes access to over 20 channels.
  • Classic: $45.00 per month and includes access to over 70 channels.
  • Preferred: $57.00 per month and includes access to over 170 channels as well as digital music stations and interactive digital options.
  • HD Plus: $64.00 per month and includes access to everything listed above, plus seven channels that broadcast exclusively in HD.